Our gearbox warranty: 12-months, unlimited mileage, hassle-free

At Midland Transmission Sales in London and West Midlands, we take our gearbox warranty very seriously. We automatically cover any transmission parts you buy from us, whether they are reconditioned or new, for 12 months - no matter how many miles you rack up. And if your transmission part fails, our gearbox warranty ensures that as long as nothing else was at fault, we will replace it free of charge. 

Midland Transmission Sales were founded in 1972 and have built an enviable reputation in the industry thanks to our commitment to high quality workmanship and superb customer service. We are based in London and the West Midlands - which also is home to our 25,000 square feet factory - but we have clients all over the UK and indeed, the world.

The Warranty

All transmission units & axles remanufactured by Midland Transmission Sales Ltd carry 12 months unlimited mileage fair wear & tear warranty against faulty workmanship and/or defective materials subject to the following terms and conditions This warranty does not apply to customers own units repaired under customers instructions, or any other units as otherwise specified.

Damage occurring as a result of a failure of any ancillary equipment (e.g. Clutch, Oil Cooler, Propshaft, Transfer Box if fitted, Hoses, Oil Coolers, Linkages etc.) is not covered by this guarantee, nor are the ancillary components themselves.

That a 500 mile service is carried on the exchange unit at which time the oil and any oil filters are changed. N.B. Only the correct type and grade of lubricant as is recommended by the original vehicle manufacturer should be used unless otherwise recommended by Midland Transmissions in writing. At this time the adjustment and operation of the Clutch should be checked and adjusted as necessary.

A professional and competent garage must fit the exchange unit in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers specification and all filters must be changed, any oil coolers fitted must be flushed out and cleaned. All services must be carried out at the correct service intervals when due (as recommended by the original vehicle manufacturer), by a competent professional garage. 

Full service records must be retained for inspection and will be required in the event of a warranty claim.

Any Modifications (e.g. fitment of a Turbo Charger, fitment of a non-standard engine etc.) will invalidate this warranty.

This warranty only covers the vehicle when in use on public metalled roads and does not apply in marine situations, competition, and race or speed or off road trials. If the vehicle is to be used for towing then this must only be carried out within the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This warranty will not cover any defect, damage, or breakdown resulting from misuse, negligence or collision.

This warranty will not apply if the repair is necessitated simply as a result of fair wear and tear.

If the unit supplied by Midland Transmissions is replaced under the terms of this warranty then the replacement unit will have the benefit of the balance of the original warranty. This warranty is not transferable.

This warranty does not cover towing, recovery or redelivery or any consequential costs e.g. replacement vehicle etc.

If any material facts are withheld, or a false or fraudulent report is given under this warranty it will become void and any amounts which may have been paid by Midland Transmissions under this warranty shall become repayable forthwith.

The vehicle owner is responsible for the costs of maintenance items including but not limited to oils, lubricants, antifreeze, filters, elements, belts and clutches and any additional items replaced during warranty repairs.

This warranty is valid and effective only if all terms and conditions (including the repairs procedure) are fully complied with.

Nothing in the above warranty affects the customer’s statutory rights.

In the unlikely event of a possible warranty claim, the following steps must be taken:

Immediately contact the warranty manager at Midland Transmissions giving: 
a. Gearbox, Axle, or other exchange unit serial number.
b. Make and model of vehicle.
c. Date purchased.
d. Midland Transmissions invoice number. 
e. Current mileage of vehicle.
f. Details of complaint.

The vehicle must be delivered, at the owners expense, to a mutually agreed repairer or to Midland Transmissions for inspection. Rectification of fault will only be carried out after costs and method of repair has been agreed and a warranty reference number given. No invoices will be accepted for payment without a valid warranty reference number.

Midland Transmissions reserve the right to repair or replace the unit, or supply the necessary spare parts to rectify any faulty components. All faulty or damaged parts must be returned to Midland Transmissions upon request.

All service records for the vehicle must be produced as and when requested by Midland Transmissions. 

Midland Transmissions Sales is committed to dealing with warranty concerns speedily and efficiently so that customer’s vehicles are out of commission for the shortest possible time. The requirements of our customers are paramount and every effort is made during remanufacture to ensure that the quality of the product is to the highest standard of the original equipment manufacturer.
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